Please read and be aware of the message posted BELOW from the Three Lakes Town Board and Chairman. Should the current situation not improve in the coming weeks then it may become necessary, in the interest of public health, to postpone or cancel the Northwoods Baseball Classic June 19-21. THIS IS NOT A NOTICE OF CANCELLATION Further updates coming...


On 3/27/20 Chairman Bruss shared the following decisions from the Three Lakes Town Board with town residents:

Due to the unprecedented situation brought on Worldwide by the COVID-19 outbreak, last night the Town Board of Three Lakes took immediate and aggressive action in the following manners:

1. All public events scheduled through July 31, 2020 have immediately been cancelled. This includes any and all permitted and non-permitted events that gather on public or private property that are open to or gather the public. This includes events such as tournaments, parades, memorial ceremonies, races, sporting games and practices, and any other public events. This date will be re-evaluated regularly and should circumstances change we will adjust accordingly and swiftly in either direction, but most obviously and hopefully for the better.

2. The Town of Three Lakes Solid Waste Transfer Station (dump) will remain open. Until further notice coupons will NOT be required for dropping off normal amounts of bagged household waste and recyclables. A "normal" amount of trash is typically considered 1-2, 30 pound bags of refuse plus mixed recyclables. At the attendant's discretion, excessive trash dumping and items other than household trash may require payment. A coupon and exact cash (no change given) VOLUNTARY depository box will be located onsite. Any payments or coupons for trash dumping will be greatly appreciated by the town to offset the cost of collection.

3. Until further notice all town-owned buildings will be closed to the public unless otherwise stated on the entrance. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, all park buildings, airport terminal, fire stations, library, town office, and police department. The town offices will remain open by appointment only. All hours are subject to change.

4. Influenced by an unparalleled amount of absentee ballot processing, the town office staff has been working incredibly selflessly to process requests. Accordingly phones and open to the public office hours at the town have been scaled back to accommodate. The team, inclusive of the Clerk, Secretary, Treasurer and others have continued to work through these extraordinary circumstances, putting the town and the people who live here in front of their own best interest and health. Please afford them support and patience in the process. We are all people, just like you.

I cannot emphasize enough social distancing and staying home. Every time you enter the public you are subjecting yourself to an exponential amount of risk. If you visit a store where 100 people have been, and those people have all been in contact with 10 other people, you just exposed yourself to 1,000 people. Start to do that math. You're exposing yourself to thousands if not tens of thousands of times the risk by not just staying home and avoiding ANY unnecessary travel, store visits, etc.

Finally, if you are coming to Three Lakes from ANY location outside of Oneida County, regardless of returning from a vacation, business trip, winter home, etc. and are not self-quarantining for 14 days, that is a 100% selfish and downright stupid act. You are putting everyone at risk. Stay within your confines, use common sense, and let's put an end to this.

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Founded in 2017, the Northwoods Baseball Classic (NBC) is the premier annual youth baseball tournament in Northern Wisconsin. Hosted in the beautiful community of Three Lakes, competition takes place across 4 professionally maintained ball diamonds at Don Burnside Park. Proceeds raised from the Northwoods Baseball Classic support park facilities in Three Lakes as well as the the growth and nurturing of baseball in Northern Wisconsin.

The tournament features a field of 32 teams spread evenly across 4 separate age divisions (10U, 12U, 13U and 14U). For participating teams and spectators alike we offer:

*Minimum 3 game schedule

*Umpires and game balls provided

*Beautiful fields

*Awesome food

*Raffles and drawings

*Friendly hospitality

There are ample opportunities for both volunteers and sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in anyway.

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